Upon completion of an eleven-year program, Dr. Hou obtained a doctor’s degree of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture from the prestigious Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), one of the top medical schools in China.  He attended the same school as Dr. Nan even though they were a year apart they became very good friends and started working towards their goal of helping as many people as possible through the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).


Dr. Hou currently teaches classes at the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  He enjoys helping students learn the techniques of this ancient health system.

Dr. DaYong Hou


Dr. Hou has been practicing for over 20 years and has enjoyed every minute of it.  He mainly practices acupuncture, tuina massage, and cupping.  He offers these services in our office and is licensed by the state of Colorado.  He applies his knowledge not only to all of his patients but he also passes it on to the students he teaches.

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